In the heart of Lilinbluem St. and between the famous Rocthild and Alenby intersection lies a Tel-Vivien gem Abraxas.


Abraxas, suited with unique historical magic and touch of the incredible present movement, is been around for more than two decades. With a reputation of a must-see spot in a party city like Tel- Aviv, it's resident some of the biggest international DJ’s alongside the hottest names in the local DJ community. 


Supported by the kitchen of “North Abraxas” - Eyal Shanni’s both most famous and successful restaurant, Abraxas isn’t only a place to dance but to enjoy amazing local flavors of food, weekly live-band performance, and casual early gatherings.

Abraxas is now open for both private and business events, with the same magic and touch it’s known for. The well-designed space feature two dynamic bar areas (featuring great wine selection and sophisticated cocktail menu) and an outside garden sitting place for an ideal night of fun and joy.

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